Artem Kovryzhenko Photography | About
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About Artem


Artem is a photographer who has been professionally dealing with real estate and architectural photography since 2014.


“I create photographs, which show more than just the composition of the space. In my work, I convey the ideas of architects and designers, which together with impeccable technical execution allow me to create magazine-quality images. ”


“Interior and architectural photography enables me to let my internal perfectionist out and archive sublime results I can be proud of. ”


“For my workflow, I use the best practices of two approaches to photography, namely digital retouch and fieldwork with lighting. Among my inspirators and mentors are two contemporary US-based architectural photographers: Scott Hargis and Mike Kelley.”

Artem works with a wide range of professionals associated with real estate and with individuals who want to sell or rent their property. Throughout his career Artem has been a long-term partner for the leading  European real estate agencies and world known portals, such as Airbnb.

In 2018 Artem moved to Calgary, AB to serve local real estate and architectural professionals.