Artem Kovryzhenko Photography | 5 tips to make your real estate look great
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5 tips to make your real estate look great

Getting your real estate photographed, be it a condo or a house, might seem like a simple job — just call a professional and let him do the rest. But if you are keen into getting the best results for your money, then you should consider preparing the space before the photographer arrives. You will not only make your real estate look best on photos, but will also save yourself and the photographer a lot of time.

This is by no means a definite guide on staging a property, but rather some observations I’ve made while doing jobs over the course of the years. The list if organized by importance, meaning that the most important points are in the top of the list.

Clean the space

This may sound obvious, but a lot of landlords forget to do the basic cleaning. This includes:

— sweeping the floors and the dust off

— wiping clean and polishing mirrors, windows, and other reflective surfaces (including kitchen appliances, and tables)

Move personal items out of sight

One common mistake is to leave personal items in the open view. At first this may sound like a good idea, as it one might think that such things make a home more welcoming, but in reality, the cleaner the space, the better it looks on the photo. Some things that should be removed are:

— shoes and outerwear

— cosmetics

— private photos

— medals and trophies

— laptops and other electronics (unless they organically fit in the space)

Tidy things up

Photography due to its nature reveals and emphasizes things a naked eye might not even notice. That is why it is crucial to:

— hide ironing boards, clothes dryers, scales

— make beds and fluff pillows

— organize cables

— remove any objects from under the bed, which may be visible in the photos

Think about light

Generally speaking, photography is all about lighting. The quality of light plays a pivotal role in the outcome. Though a photographer will usually use some sort of artificial lighting, it will help him a lot if you:

— check all the bulbs and if necessary, replace them.

— if possible, use bulbs of the same temperature (preferably day light bulbs)

— open blinds and curtains

Personal touch

As a final step, you may want give your interiors a personal touch and:

— Add some decorations elements, like fresh flowers or bowl of fruits

— Remove rugs (if possible).

— Move furniture in the big rooms to separate it into different zones

That’s it. It may seem like a lot of work, but actually isn’t if approached correctly. With this tips in mind you may drastically improve the how your real estate looks on photos. If you would like to outsource staging your apartment for a photo shoot, then let me know and and I’ll refer you to a partner I work with.